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Letter from the Author

Dear Valued Reader,

We all have challenges - Career, Business, Health, Relationships, Finances, and more. Perhaps yours are overwhelming, or perhaps not.

But regardless of their degree or nature, this tough-love blueprint for overcoming and achievement will guide those who sincerely desire to overcome and be unbeatable...to become unbeatable...and live their most fulfilling lives.

The Way of The Invincible Warrior is written with a different and unique perspective. And, within The Way of The Invincible Warrior, you are provided to-the-point, tell-it-like-it-is insights and action steps that will transform your life to the life you were born to live.

Would you like to free yourself from the frustration, worry, suffering and strain, and remove the pain you've been living with - but most importantly, live a richly satisfying life of deep meaning?

I'll state this: If the thousands of people I have helped with my trainings can do it, then you can too.

And, I'm talkin' about a lot more than just overcoming your challenges. I'm talking about USING your challenges to raise you...every part of you...to new heights, with more conviction, purpose and belief than you might have ever before believed from yourself.

My very direct manner of expression has been called controversial, because I don't candy coat my words, but rather, get right to the heart of what holds most people back from living their greatest life.

Unlike virtually all other personal improvement books, The Way of The Invincible Warrior challenges you right up front - and weeds out those who would rather continue living a life that is much less than their best.

Becoming an Invincible Warrior is not for the faint of heart.

If one is to become an Invincible Warrior - gain a special "Warriors Wisdom" - and live their greatest life, then they must be prepared and ready to do so in no uncertain terms. They must be prepared to take Personal Responsibility such that they lead their lives willingly and with purpose.

The Way of the Invincible Warrior is founded upon the Invincible Life Warrior Spirit Philosophy, the Invincible Warrior's 8 Pillars of Success, and many direct Action Steps, each of which will set you one step closer to becoming an unstoppable Invincible Warrior. Followed with passion, you will create results for your life unlike anything you've experienced before.

As I stated above, in becoming an Invincible Warrior, you will be prepared and ready - mentally, physically, and emotionally - to effectively and successfully transform your weaknesses into your strengths, defeat the odds, and break through barriers to take direct action to live your purpose, realize sustained success, and achieve your worthy dreams.

It doesn't matter where you come from, how tough your situation, what age you are, or your history of tough defeats - you can finally know victory in your life.

For those of you who are sincerely seeking a way - need to find a way out of what appears to be no way - and are willing to go the extra mile so you can go the farthest distance in successful living, and connect with what I'm sharing through The Way of The Invincible Warrior - you'll gain a golden gateway to living that you can hold on to until the day you move on to eternity.

About The Author

Steve Jennings should not be alive. Pronounced dead after being crushed in a brutal car crash and left on the side of the road in a river of his own blood, he should not be able to walk, to run, to win two United States Silver Medals, be an All-American champion athlete, or to help build multimillion dollar businesses, advise Fortune 500 companies, and coach thousands of people worldwide.

Steve's start in life was anything but the best. He grew up in the deepest dregs of poverty in South East Texas - having to eat out of trash cans for nearly 10 years to survive.

Neither his brothers or sister graduated from high school, but through it all, Steve became the top student-athlete of his high school, earning both academic and athletic college scholarships.

However, later on at the age of 27, while working in Europe, he was in that massive car wreck which left him dead on the side of the road. After having no heartbeat or respiratory function for over 10 minutes - he somehow came back to life.

But the life he would now face - finally waking after 32 days in a coma with spinal cord damage and other severe, multiple internal and external injuries the doctors said would keep him from ever having a chance at a normal life or walking again - was a life with monumental challenges.

And, Steve was not only physically shattered - he was also financially destroyed.

But after decades of incredibly uncommon persistence - maintaining a powerful vision along with equally powerful action - he overcame and achieved in incredible ways that most all said were "impossible."

As a result of his arduous though enlightening journey, and also working with so many with serious challenges, Steve has a different perspective of "what it takes" to overcome and succeed in life if one applies the solid principles provided throughout The Way of The Invincible Warrior.

Today, Steve leads the Invincible Life Warrior Revolution, improving and uplifting the lives of thousands worldwide.

Trusted Leader

Successful businessman, lawyer, corporate turnaround specialist, best-selling author, speaker and seminar leader in the achievement and leadership industries, Steve is a trusted consultant, adviser, and mentor to some of the most successful companies and individuals in the areas of business, education, sports, and life.

From high-level CEO's, university presidents, Major League All-Stars, to NFL All-Pro's and Hall of Fame athletes and Olympians, Steve's highly sought guidance, strategic business experience, and champion example has transformed the lives of thousands.

Steve is also one of the nation's leading authorities on personal improvement and peak human performance, and he provides people and companies with the experienced direction to overcome the odds and win in business, health, finances, relationships, and in life - all infused with his unique to-the-point, tough-love Invincible Warrior leadership style.

He is frequently sought by the media for his industry expertise and has been quoted by Newsweek magazine, ABC News, CNN, Fortune magazine, Fortune Small Business, the Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle and many other leading industry publications.

His rare combination of in-the-trenches experience, successful programs, humor, and heartfelt though tough "tell-it-like-it-is" style makes him one of the most sought after business and personal performance speakers and consultants.

And yes, he can be more than a little controversial. He's the guy who says what he means and means what he says. The guy who won't back down in the face of controversy. The guy who believes deeply enough in his positions and perspectives to not apologize for them.

Through Steve's Invincible Warrior Seminars, Performance Trainings, Coaching, Consulting and Speaking, he teaches "what it takes" to succeed and how you can greatly benefit if you're challenged and need to overcome issues that deal with your career, your business, your personal self-image, your self-esteem, your belief in yourself - or virtually any challenge in life.

And beyond the business world, Steve is a World ranked Masters Track & Field athlete - currently ranked No. 5 in the World in the multi-event Pentathlon, very much like the Olympic Decathlon.

Steve also writes, lectures and advises on leadership, achievement and productivity, as well as emerging issues facing the health, personal wellness, nutrition, and anti-aging industries. Steve offers educational seminars and trainings for corporations, universities, associations, groups, clubs and schools.

Mentoring, guiding, leading, sharing and inspiring, Steve provides a lasting impact for those desiring to become Invincible Life Warriors.

For more information: http://stevejennings.com/media-kit

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Never underestimate the heart of a champion - or the hunger of an underdog."
~ Steve Jennings